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Dave Conrey and Other Artists

In this episode, I introduce you to Dave Conrey, an artist I found on Tik Tok, share some things about him and four others.  
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*Where you can find Wondernugget: TikTok (Has now passed 1K); TeeSpring
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More About This Podcast and My Why

In this episode, I share a bit more about this podcast, what I want to do with it, my goals, and why I decided to start it.  
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JT Laybourne and His Positive Movement

In my first full episode, I talk about JT Laybourne, how I found him, his positive movement, and where you can find him. 
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Introduction to Coffee, Wine & Chocolate

I, Dawn, am introducing my new podcast of positivity, motivation, and inspiration through people, places, and things. Come join me each week on Monday and enjoy a little positive start to your week.  
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A Podcast of Positivity is Here!!

Coffee, Wine and, Chocolate; Inspired by People, Places, and Things

I am excited and nervous to let you all know that I am releasing this podcast to the air and you! It is a podcast of positivity. Mostly about people, but there will be places and things to share as well. I am starting out with just some short episodes, getting a feel for things, and trying things out. Please bear with me as I start this journey from writing on a blog to putting myself out there for all to hear and somewhat see. Even though I studied mass communications in college, that was years ago and things have definitely changed.

In the first few episodes, I will be sharing people I have met through a site called TikTok. I started on there to keep myself occupied mainly through the quarantine we all were going through with Covid19. But once there, I was hooked and have met so many great people. I have been very blessed to be in a community of positive, uplifting, inspiring people. Its something so many people need during this time.

Once you have listened to the podcast, please do me a favor and give me some constructive feedback. And please subscribe if you enjoy it and want to keep up weekly. If it does well, who knows how far it might go!! 🙂

Thank you all so much!

Dawn xo

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Hello and Welcome!

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Welcome to Coffee, Wine & Chocolate! Here I will be sharing positive, inspirational, and motivational information regarding people, places, and things. Covering not only the United States but all over the world, when possible. My motivation to start this podcast was during the Covid19 lockdown/quarantine and seeing how much people were affected negatively by it all.

My episodes for this podcasts will range from a few minutes to an hour, from just me coming to you with a bit of information or with an interview for you to enjoy. I will be with you on a weekly basis on the podcast player you listen to. Or, you can find each episode here on this website.

Thank you for joining me here and I hope you find you want to come back each week. Here is hoping I can help put a little smile on your face and some positivity into your day and week!

Dawn xo