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This is the introduction to Coffee, Wine, and Chocolate. The Podcast inspired by People, Places, and Things.  I am your host Dawn, aka, Belle Scribe.  I am a writer, singer, and creator. This podcast is one I decided to start because I feel there is too much Anger and Hate in this world, especially right now.  

We have been, or are, confined to being home, self-isolating, and/or social distancing. It has made many upset, emotions are flying high on the scale and stress is out the window.  Not only that, but there are those that are now dealing with depression and anxiety. 

These things, along with everything else going on in the world, are making people angry and scared. Causing people to act out in hate and to react without thinking of the consequences. And in turn, it causes more anxiety, anger, and fear.  

I want to bring some positivity and happiness into our world if only by one person at a time, one week at a time. I will be talking to positive, inspirational people in interviews, locally, in the states, and in other parts of the world. As well as having episodes where I will talk about places and things that can inspire us and bring positivity into our day or week. 

Being at home on my own during the quarantine and self-isolation, I have had so much time to listen to other podcasts and to be on social media. You will probably giggle or even laugh out loud, but I have been on TikTok and have an account of which I am pretty active on.  I started on it first because the videos of cats and dogs making me giggle and feel happy.  I then started paying attention to the people on there.  Many did comedy, dancing and singing.  Others were giving their support to others. 

There were a couple of people that caught my attention right off the bat.  A guy by the name of JT Laybourne, who’s smile and joy is contagious. He has a great following because of his positivity and the inspiration that he is. There is also a psychologist by the name of Dr. Julie Smith, who gives some great advice and clues into problems you might have where anxiety and other things are concerned. 

These two are just a couple of great positive people on there that I continue to follow and go back to on a regular basis. I will be sharing stories of people like these that give positivity and hope to others as they are going through each day in this weird world we are living in, at this time.    

I will be with you each Monday to start your week off on a positive note and hopefully put a little spring in your step and smile on your face while doing so! 

Where you can find me:

You can find me on most podcast platforms, and here on my website, coffeewineandchocolate.com.  

You can also find me at https://wonderingbelle.com, on TikTok at kitkat_dawn, on Instagram at wonderingbelle (Belle Scribe) and twitter at @CoffeWineNChoc .

I hope you will join me each week and I look forward to sharing some positive, inspirational content to hopefully start your day and week off right! Until then, stay positive, and do me favor, think of three things that make you smile each day. This is a little daily positivity a friend of mine reminded me of, as she does this every day. It will help you realize how blessed you are through each day.

Dawn 🙂

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