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What Positive Media Do You Look For?

In today’s episode, enjoy my discussion of an interesting study (found on and their article “How Positive Media Can Make Us Better People”) that was done among students in 2012. The study is by Mary Beth Oliver of Penn State University and shows where certain movies give the person greater motivation to become a better person and to do good things for others.

I also talk about my answers received from questions I asked my lovely friends. Questions regarding what positive media (such as movies, videos, or other media) people go to for positive vibes, or to get some positive, feel-good feelings when needed.

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Positive Media

This week I am a bit late.  I just couldn’t decide what to share, so I am sharing all four of the positive media I found, or that was shared with me. We find negativity every day on social media which makes us not want to be there. But I have searched and found some positives to share.  So, take note and I hope you enjoy these as much as I have! 

Paul Harvey and Four Notes
NHS Million
Happy News Group
Good News Network

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Step Out And Do It

This week I talk briefly about the great month I had in interviews.  I also talk about how we need to step out of our comfort zones and “excuses” to do what we want to do; and that we need to contact those we know that need our support and positivity at this time.  

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Special Guest Deb Bennie (RenegadeSquirrel)

My special guest today is not only special to my heart but a special friend to me and so many on TikTok and all over.  You will see by listening, that we have fun during the silly discussions.  While chatting during Deb telling her story and explaining the things she went through on her “adventure” of stage 2 breast cancer, there are serious discussions as well.  You can find her on Tik Tok under Renegade Squirrel and hopefully very soon she will have her own podcast of which I will update you and where you can find her to listen!

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The Guys of Fall Forward Radio – Rob C and J Hawk

After Sixteen episodes to their show, and completing a fundraiser for foster children they called #NoMoreTrashBags, they are excited to see what is next. Enjoy my interview with Rob and J and listen to their story filled with enthusiastic positive energy. You can’t help but smile and feel the good vibes yourself. 

Check them out on YouTubeWebsite

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LaDonna Andrews – Sweet Combs of Honey Owner and Artist

Today’s episode was originally scheduled to go out on Monday this week. Unfortunately, there was work being done in the store when we originally recorded and it took over our vocals so I requested we re-record the interview.  I did not plan on getting it done, but as a bonus, it is going out today! I was able to sit down with my friend LaDonna and talk to her about her venture in what brought her back home to Lavonia and what made her open up her lovely store Sweet Combs of Honey and why her love of art.  Enjoy!

If you ever get a chance to stop by Lavonia, Georgia, you need to make the few short miles to the downtown area of Lavonia to stop in and see LaDonna and her quaint store, Sweet Combs of Honey.

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Three Daily Positive Things

A friend of mine does this daily on her Twitter feed and I absolutely love this idea.  She always finds three things she is grateful for each day. I could never “grab hold” of doing it on my Twitter nor on my blog.  But, this month I have started writing it in my journal that I have beside my bed, and every night I do my daily three things right before I turn off my light and go to sleep.  
I also share an update with you all on the #NoMoreTrashBags from my friends at Fall Forward Radio. 

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Dr. Julie Smith and Dr. Brené Brown

I have gotten so much from both of these ladies. They have a lot of information to offer people going through so many different mental issues. I have listed their links below. Thank you for coming by and listening!

Dr. Julie Smith: TikTokIGWebsiteYouTube

Dr. Brené Brown: WebsiteTwitter

Dave Conrey and Other Artists

In this episode, I introduce you to Dave Conrey, an artist I found on Tik Tok, share some things about him and four others.  
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More About This Podcast and My Why

In this episode, I share a bit more about this podcast, what I want to do with it, my goals, and why I decided to start it.  
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