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The In Between Time

This is the in-between time of my podcast. I have taken a few weeks off to make a move and change some things in my life. I am on a journey by moving to London on a fiancé visa. (We met during the time I was going through my separation and divorce and our relationship has grown so much since then!) Some have said that I am adventurous by doing this and others have said I am brave. I say I am doing something my heart will be happy with as well as giving myself a chance at something new. I see it as living my life to the fullest and not having regrets. We are constantly learning by doing or putting into action.

So, here I am with my kitty Angel, having moved “across the pond” to live a new life. The rest of my family in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, with a few more scattered about, expect me back of course. Our plan is for me to go home three to four times a year to see my family, as well as us to see more of the states. I have my grandchildren there and he has his here, so there is no way to not be traveling back and forth! We are both very blessed.

On another note, once I start my podcast back up I will be back on track getting it out weekly with either my own solo episodes or those with interviews. Your support, dear listener means so much! I can’t wait to be back! Until then, have a great week and remember to say Hi to those you come in contact with and always look for something nice to say!

Love you all!

Dawn xoxo

About My Podcast on Dr. Julie Smith and Dr. Brené Brown

Knowledge Is Power by Pixabay

When trying to decide on the topic for my podcast this week, I was going through so many things I wanted to share, especially it being Suicide Awareness Month. Mental Health is such a big topic right now. HUGE! Especially with the Virus Pandemic and people dealing with so many things more than usual because of it. It concerns me because I have seen so many people and felt so many emotions from people I know and love as well as those I don’t know. It’s one of the reasons I was determined to start this podcast.

But thinking about mental health and influences I have personally gotten something from, it was so easy to decide who I would talk about. Two women I have (other than my own counselor) learned things from and put into practice in my everyday experiences and learnings. One most recent and the other in the last five years.

Dr. Julie Smith

The most recent being Dr. Julie Smith. I, of course, found her originally on Tik Tok like so many others. But she is also on Instagram, the internet on her website and on YouTube. When I first saw her I was impressed that she kept stating things that I had talked to my counselor about. It was just confirming the things that I had talked to her about and had read up to that point. I was also impressed at how approachable she looked and “down to earth” she seemed to be. Silly I know.

I looked her up on the internet to find out more about her and found that she has a practice in England. Ringwood, Hampshire, England to be exact (and I know I pronounced it incorrectly on the podcast where my English friends are concerned, so my apologies to you my friends!) She has an abundance of background work and diversity with different groups and individuals alike regarding mental health work. Please check her website out.

Dr. Brené Brown

The other person I have come to know a lot about is Brené Brown. Now one thing I had not realized or had let it go right over my head was that she was a doctor by professor! How in the world I missed this as I was learning more about her I do not know, but I did, until I was doing this podcast and saw the Dr. in front of her name! Now I know!! Ha!

When first introduced to her, my counselor recommended I read a book by her titled The Gifts of Imperfection. I purchased it through Audible. It was so good! I also purchased a softbound book titled Rising Strong. The things she shares of her life, how she learned from them and how they put things into perspective. In Rising Strong, there is a quote on the back of the book that states, “Rising strong after a fall is how we cultivate wholeheartedness. This process teaches us the most about who we are.”

Brené has a website full of books, information on her and her ventures, her podcast called Unlocking Us, and so much more. She even has a page that will link you to her Dare To Lead Hub where she helps you learn how to be a leader.

As You See

These two ladies have a lot to give in information regarding mental health and learning tools to work through the ups and downs of some different problems you or someone you know might be needing. I have linked each of their websites for you to have access to above so you can see for yourself what great information they have for you to get into. I will also do the same below.

Thank you for stopping by the podcast site and checking it out! I hope you have a great day and a great week!

Dawn 🙂 xo

Dr. Julie Smith’s Website

Dr. Brené Brown’s Website

Today’s Podcast Insight On Shane

analysis blackboard board bubble
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Recorded two months ago

When I recorded my podcast on Shane Leketa I still was and am getting to know him. My view on a person as I get to know them is one-sided, of course. My side. I see, take in what I see, and make a decision as I get to know this person and change my view as I learn more about the person, as we all do. My initial view on Shane was and is that he a personable person and yet I felt quite intimidated by him and the whole TikTok world when I first started on that particular social media.

I am a person that likes to watch and learn before I initially dive into doing something. Then I will continue to watch and learn while participating. You learn so much more while doing as well as watching and listening, don’t you agree? So, initially, I watched people, how they interacted on videos, in what capacity; learning what I liked and didn’t like about each. Then I found the “Live” feeds (On TikTok, once you reach one thousand followers you can go live and be seen by people on TikTok), what they were about, how you were able to do them and why. Also, I understood that it was a benefit to do them because not only could those that follow you see you personally and interact, but new people could as well, which would bring you new followers.

As you see, I have gone a bit off topic, so let’s circle back to my point. Shane.


Shane originally hit me as personable. He would greet each person he saw come into his “Live” with an “I appreciate you coming into my Live” and continuing to talk to the ones there in his “Live” that would be carrying on a conversation with him. As he would be drawing during these “Lives”, every now and then he would show everyone where he was at in his drawing.

I had gone into his “Live” knowing he was a podcaster so I was very interested to find out more about it. I would throw out a question every now and then and he would answer as he could. But sometimes it would stir someone in the chat to speak up about the chat they had just had on either their particular podcast or his podcast, regarding an interview between them. It was always another guy.

Seeing that it was always another guy Shane seemed to be talking to regarding podcasts and interviews led me to believe that he leaned more toward ones that were for men. Once I had a chance to listen to his podcast and look at his website, it seemed to me that he focuses more on men and men’s health. Now, he may correct me on this at a later date, but I believe this is his focus. Which is great! I believe this is and has been needed more for men. We women have this and actually need more of it as well, but I have always thought men needed more men to pull in men listeners. Does that make sense?

Now saying that he focuses more of his content on men does not mean he does not support women. For a fact, he supports many women in their endeavors, including me. When I messaged him to ask him questions regarding podcasting, he answered me quickly with information that might be helpful, as well as giving me some feedback once he heard my podcast when I finally released it. He is all about helping people as much as he can and with him having a full-time job, family, podcast and now avatar art as well, I don’t see how he does it! But he does, because that is how much people mean to him.

So, please go take a listen to his podcast and give him a rating and review so others can find him. Check him out on his other platforms as well.

Thank you all my friends and have a wonderful day and week!!


For convenience here are some links to Shane:

Website; Podcast; IG