Dave Conrey and Other Artists

In this episode, I introduce you to Dave Conrey, an artist I found on Tik Tok, share some things about him and four others.  
*Where you can find Dave: Tik TokYouTubeWebsiteInstagram
*Where you can find Jish(Josh): TikTokEtsyInstagramYouTubeFacebook
*Where you can find Wondernugget: TikTok (Has now passed 1K); TeeSpring
*Where you can find Katie: TikTokEtsyFacebookInstagramPinterestYouTubeTwitter
*Where you can find Shawn: TikTokInstagramRedbubbleTeespringFacebook

*Where you can find me: WebsiteBelle’s WebsiteTwitterBelle’s TwitterTikTokInstagram

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