The In Between Time

This is the in-between time of my podcast. I have taken a few weeks off to make a move and change some things in my life. I am on a journey by moving to London on a fiancé visa. (We met during the time I was going through my separation and divorce and our relationship has grown so much since then!) Some have said that I am adventurous by doing this and others have said I am brave. I say I am doing something my heart will be happy with as well as giving myself a chance at something new. I see it as living my life to the fullest and not having regrets. We are constantly learning by doing or putting into action.

So, here I am with my kitty Angel, having moved “across the pond” to live a new life. The rest of my family in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, with a few more scattered about, expect me back of course. Our plan is for me to go home three to four times a year to see my family, as well as us to see more of the states. I have my grandchildren there and he has his here, so there is no way to not be traveling back and forth! We are both very blessed.

On another note, once I start my podcast back up I will be back on track getting it out weekly with either my own solo episodes or those with interviews. Your support, dear listener means so much! I can’t wait to be back! Until then, have a great week and remember to say Hi to those you come in contact with and always look for something nice to say!

Love you all!

Dawn xoxo

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