Give Yourself Time For Change

In this episode, I share things I have been going through in my transition into a new area and things that might help others going through the same thing.  Give yourself time for change. There are things to look for and be sensitive of in yourself while going through the changes to find your own space in your new world. 

I have included my health update and what has been happening to me both physically and mentally.  

If you are joining me on the Health Journey, please let me know what you are doing and how it is going so we can support each other! You can email me or DM me on any of my platforms below:

Find Coffee, Wine, & Chocolate:


**I also share a story of a group that got together and went in to Kabul to rescue 3500 orphans. Here is the link: 
(Boss of private equity firm puts together a team, charters planes and get orphans out of Afghanistan before the airport closes.)

Starts at 17:22

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